3 Levels of Access

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Our dossiers cover individual political figures in-depth. We examine their specific portfolio behavior over time, earnings vs. net worth, and note shifts and deviations in their investment activity. If you just want to know what your representative is doing, this is the product for you.

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Trend Analysis

Our Trend Analysis examines Congress as a whole. If you want to know "How does Congress invest?" and "How do those investments change?" this is the level of access for you. We'll send out regular newsletters and analytic articles before posting excerpts to our blog and give you live access to our Congressional Stock Tracker sentiment index.

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Database Access

Database Access is for the professional who want to direct their own investment research. These members will have real-time access to our database of political positions, trades, and investment history (in addition to our own Trend Analysis and Dossiers), empowering them to make their own conclusions about political investments. These members also receive real-time alerts as new data is incorporated into the system.