Loeffler is the only Senator with no Annual Financial Disclosure on file

edited map of georgia originally from Harpers source Library of Congress
Antique Map of Georgia

Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) is almost certainly the wealthiest member of Congress, with estimates of her net worth at $500 million.

Separate from the discussion about her defensive trades immediately after a private Health Committee briefing, is this note:

Sen. Loeffler is the only Senator who has not submitted a full financial disclosure. She has only submitted reports on her transactions, not a listing of her assets.

Loeffler was appointed to her seat in 2019 by Gov. Kemp after Sen. Isakson retired for health reasons. As such, she never filed an Annual Financial Disclosures Report for 2018, as required by sitting members. She also never filed a New Filer Report, which are normally filed by candidates running for election. Loeffler was not elected, and so has been able to bypass such reporting.

Loeffler was also the first Senator (on January 21st, 2020) to request an extension on filing her 2019 Annual Report. The next extension request was filed on March 4, with several arriving in the next few days.

Last year, 38 out of 100 Senators requested extensions on the May deadline for Annual Reports. It remains odd to us that reporting efficiency and turnaround does not seem to have improved for some members since the days before the personal computer revolution when such reports had to typewritten and filed by hand. Indeed a great deal of the work of maintaining our database relies on scanning and manually entering the ~20% of filings that are still handwritten of typed. In 2020.