2020:Q1 - M. Gallagher (R-WI-8) Dossier Excerpt

Note: This is an excerpt of our Analytic Dossier of Rep. Gallagher.

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Rep. Mike Gallagher was first elected to Congress in 2016. His district is in northeastern Wisconsin and includes towns such as Green Bay and Appleton. As of 2018, Roll Call estimated his net worth to be approximately $100,000. Representative Gallagher and his wife are not particularly active investors, and conducted fewer than 20 transactions from his entering office through 2019. It is, however, notable that they have adopted a particularly concentrated investment strategy, placing the majority of their investment assets in a few, specific stocks rather than adopting the more-diversified mutual-fund or ETF-driven approach that we typically see. Such an approach is particularly notable for portfolios that are less than a 1x multiple of the household's annual income.

Recent Activity In January of this year, however, the family changed their investment strategy and conducted more trades in one week than in the rest of Rep. Gallagher’s Congressional career combined. While the Gallaghers’ past transactions split relatively equally between the purchases and sales of stocks and mutual funds, their trades in 2020 have all been stock sales. From January 8th through 31st, the Gallaghers sold stocks of 34 separate occasions totaling between $104,000 and $685,000. It seems likely that these sales represent the majority of, if not the entirety of, their investment portfolio. For more details on these transactions, you can review his disclosures at the House Office of the Clerk. Recent Transactions

01/31/20 – sold between $15,001-$50,000 in Donaldson Company, Inc. (DCI) 01/13/20 – sold between $15,001-$50,000 in Procter & Gamble Company (PG) 01/13/20 – sold between $1,001-$15,000 in Pfizer, Inc. (PFE) 01/13/20 – sold between $1,001-$15,000 in Sherwin-Williams Company (SHW) 01/13/20 – sold between $1,001-$15,000 in Vmware, Inc. Common stock, Class A (VMW)

Notable Appointments Rep. Gallagher serves on the House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure and on the House Committee on Armed Services.